Saturday, February 28, 2009

Butterfly Pavilion

We took the kids up to the Butterfly Pavilion up in Denver

And when these 2 don't get along, they get to hold hands!

Friday, February 27, 2009

First Day of School: Take 2

Here is Mason on Preston and Taylor's first day of school in August
Mason has had a year filled with plenty of Dr appointments and procedures! Last year at his 2yr appt I expressed concerns about his speech. It seemed as if we were constantly having him seen for ear infections. Tests showed mild hearing loss and he started private speech after numerous appointments. While Steve was in Iraq he had tubes in his ears and that seemed to improve his speech.

In January, after he turned 3, I had him evaluated through our School District. After another round of tests and appointments, we found out that he had a clogged tube (which we have no idea how long it was like that nor did we know that was possible). Again his hearing test showed hearing loss. Fortunately after the tube was unclogged with drops, we got our first positive hearing test since this all began. I was RELIEVED and so happy to say the least.

The evaluation team recommended speech and preschool twice a week. When I got to the car after the meeting I cried. First because I was so grateful for the help available to him and second was for my own selfish reasons, he's be starting school earlier than planned!

This past week Mason had his first day of school
I had to switch out the flag in the front of the house for a picture.
This is the flag the kids stand next to every first day of school!
(The yard doesn't look so nice compared to August)
The preschool is actually at Preston and Taylor's school, he likes that he gets to go to their school and it's very convenient!
He was excited for school. Here he is running up the ramp to the classroom door.
Once we got inside he was a bit more clingy. I stayed for a short while and he was okay when I left. His teacher said he had a great day and he willingly went back his 2nd day.

I must say that I have enjoyed 2 mornings by myself this week.
It's been 8 1/2 yrs since I've had that!
Remind me again,
Why was I crying for my own selfish reasons
when I learned he was going to school 2 x's a week?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras was a blast last weekend at our friend's party
The Cajun food was yummy, the friends were fun and the beads came without strings attached! (if you know what I mean)
Taylor with her friends
Our friends had the craziest beads!
No Mardi Gras party is complete without a King's Cake
Okay, so I didn't wear gold, purple or green... which I had no idea were Mardi Gras colors!
I did learn a few things about the celebration that I never knew

laissez les bon temps rouler

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Love Day 2009
Class Parties
Late night preparations for a special Valentine Breakfast
The kid's woke up V-day morning to "Heart Attacks" in their rooms

My little Valentines were so excited to give me their cards and gifts which included
a BIG Hershey Bar, a little bear that lights up and a big stuffed rose (in Mason's hands)
The table was ready and on the menu......
Heart shaped scones!
Taylor burned her little elbow on the pan, but it was in no way going to stop her from helping. She's a tough little girl

After a fun morning together, Steve took the kids to Matt's track meet while I went and was pampered at the salon

I then got to open my gifts from

And Steve got some more threads for his closet... notice the shirt he has on!

I was then taken to a YUMMY dinner at

And a little shopping at Cherry Creek Mall with a very secure man... the picture tells it all
A cute romantic movie
Then home to fondue with Matt and Ashley
A day filled with lots of LOVE!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As I was going through our pics of the past 3-4 weeks, half of them were from sporting events. I have to admit, when you live where the weather is freezing and great entertainment is just 10 minutes away, it's hard not to take advantage of it!

The month started with Super Bowl
Matt's track meets.
We are needing a picture in the short shorts! Next time!

BYU Boys Basketball team came and of course AF lost
We still had a great time with all our BYU friends and the kids
LOVED running around with their friends
Mason was sure to stay entertained with his popcorn that he refused to share
The kids bug the bird every chance they get
And the bird even got on the ground to wrestle with Mason or was that Mason wrestling him?
If ever there was an entertainer, it would be my 8 yr old. Preston was hamming it up for the big screen. The longer the camera was on him, the more he entertained
Preston dancing (my camera was on a weird setting... of course)
Steve, the instigator of most sporting events
No game is complete without getting on the court/field afterwards
And for Taylor, it's getting to see her favorite cheerleader Meredith, who is graduating this year so we are glad her little sister will still be here.
Getting to see the Falcon
The best way to coordinate a night out with the girls? I schedule something on the same night as a girl's basketball game. It never fails that Steve will take the kids to the game for a fun night and cheap entertainment! He even takes the camera and gets all these great pictures for me.
Steve did this, teaching his son at an early age!
Taylor loving the attention
I'm telling you, great entertainment for the kids!
My first AF hockey game, but of course no pictures of me!
A fun night
And our last sporting event of the month!

Next month instead of spectating, the kids will be participating.
Can't wait!