Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's been 5 weeks!

5 weeks ago today Steve got home! Time has certainly not stopped just because. Steve jumped right in and hit the ground running with us.

The day he got home he was put to work at Preston's Cub Scout Pack Meeting
He quickly put the kids to work also..... well, actually this is Taylor's favorite thing to do at the gas station. The nice thing is that now he can help her while I sit in the car and take pictures!My parent's sent Steve his favorite cheesecake from Trader Joe's, it seems like we've been doing a lot of eating lately!
Going to the park can be relaxing again. I even got to read a little, it was GREAT!
Steve was SOOOOO happy to be outside playing with the kids
Steve and I were invited to attend a fundraiser for an organization that raises money to help military families. After being home for just a week, it was a very emotional evening for the both of us. It's nice to have a date again!
Steve got to be at the kid's last race
And he got to take the kids to and from school everyday for a few weeks
The night before the Air Force vs Navy game, Steve wanted to head to the bonfire up at the Academy. We packed up the kids
Okay, so I felt a little out of place pushing a double jogger...
But these guys didn't mind me wanting a picture with them, nor did my husband mind taking the picture
We took Mason to his first football game, at Steve's request
And he even took a picture with the competition
The Academy games are a family affair

When Steve was a cadet...... almost 20 yrs ago, he had the best sponsor family. Chuck (3rd from the left) came out with his friends and son Matt (far right) from Illinois. We got to tailgate with them at the Navy game and had dinner with them that night.
My mom flew out to watch the kids while Steve and I got away for a few days. We stayed in CO and this was one of our stops in Vail
Steve took the kids to his parents farm in Nebraska (I have yet to see pics) while I went to Washington DC and hung out with girlfriends EVERYDAY for 8 days!! It was FABULOUS!
Our 3rd visitor in 4 weeks, our friend, James, from CA came and stayed with us for 5 days. He is such a great guy.... and available, ladies!!

Steve went back to work last week. I am finally feeling like I am getting back into a routine. It was great to have him home for a while before heading back to the real world. It's great to have him home and feel complete again.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Steve and Raul were mission companions almost 16 yrs ago!! The Romero's were at our wedding and we went to visit them in Nevada when they were building their first house. What are the chances that 7 years later they would live 20 min from us!! We love getting together with their great little family. They came over for dinner and the kids provided plenty of entertainment!

Friday, October 3, 2008

He's Home

He's home!! He got in, as planned, last Wed, the 24th of Sept. And we are so happy that he has returned safely and that we are all together as a family again. All 8 flights coming home were on time, our friend told us to hurry and hit the slot machines, luck was on our side. He even made it into the Springs 15 minutes sooner and came up the ramp without us even knowing. All of a sudden I hear Preston yell "Dad." To which I totally thought he was joking. He wasn't!
Steve was greeted by 3 of the happiest, most excited kids I have ever seen in my life!! We weren't too sure how Mason was going to react to him, he was only 25 months when Steve left. But Mason was darling and jumped right into his arms. And when Taylor couldn't get an arm, she opted for a leg! Preston tagged a long his side and talked about playing catch when they got home
Eventually, I got to break through the kids and get a kiss and a hug myself, but not without kids all over us.

In someways it seemed as if we were just there at the airport, 7 mos ago, saying good-bye at 5:00am after not sleeping for over 24hrs!
The much anticipating homecoming seemed so unreal and hard to believe. The moment was one of the happiest days in my life.
Some of the Instructors from his Dept, that were able to get away from teaching, came to meet him at the airport. And their strong muscles came in handy, they carried Steve's huge bags so he could carry the kids, THANK YOU!
We had made signs and decorated the house. Some friends and neighbors helped put up ribbon and balloons and other neighbors put up flags, ribbons and signs in their yards! It was really cool.

A few days before he came home I asked what he wanted for meals. He informed me that he had eaten like a king, buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No pressure for me right? So he opted for McDonald's Double Cheeseburger for his first meal. He was anxious to get home so we brought lunch back the house and sat as a family around the table! It felt strange. The kids saved their last paper chains to tear with Steve.
Afterwards, he didn't even have time to change, the kids grabbed him (before I could) and he pushed Taylor and Mason on the swings while playing catch with Preston. I was impressed by his multitasking, something he obviously learned while deployed!
Life has been so busy since his return. Today he took Preston and Taylor to the football luncheon at the Academy and then to finish his in processing. We have been apart for 3 hrs, the most since he's been home! It's been nice to be able to sit down, relax and feel a little normal again. It's going to be hard when he gets back to work in a few weeks, it's been nice being able to hangout and do things together instead of alone. In someways I feel as if this is only temporary, like he is only here for a short while and will be gone again. But he is home for good and he is safe. 7 mos later my prayers have been answered!

Costume Party for FHE

For Family Home Evening Taylor and I decided to kick off the Halloween season by having a crazy hat dinner. We sent the boys to the basement and didn't tell them what we were doing.

Taylor dressed up in her witch costume and was the waitress
Everyone was surprised and were excited to eat dinner in their hats/masks

Halloween, we are ready

For Family Home Evening Taylor and I decided to kick off the Halloween season by having a crazy hat dinner. We sent the boys to the basement and didn't tell them what we were doing.