Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas 2008
Christmas 2008 was spent in sunny California!!
Great family and friends, Disneyland, Santa...... what more could we all want

The dent in the bushes that I left after falling while helping put up Christmas lights

Mason loves to bathe in Nani's sink

Throwing out reindeer food w/ cousins

Santa this year.... Great Grandpa

We love Disneyland at Christmas time

New Years with our friends in LA

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Radio Interview

Last week I was able to do a radio interview at the Air Force Academy. I think it may air tonight for those who would like to tune-in. I was interviewed about being a spouse in the military and dealing with a deployment with a family. You can listen to it on 97.7 (if you are in the springs and if it is on tonight) or on the world wide web at - Click on KAFA online. I'm not too sure how to set it up or if you even need to. It will be on at 8pm Mountain Time. I was supposed to get a follow up email to make sure it'll be tonight but I haven't heard. So just as a warning, it may or may not be on.

I won't even be home to listen, I'm heading off to see Scrooge with some friends! I asked Steve to figure out a way to record it for me. I hope I don't sound horrible!!!!!! I was nervous at first and then as the interview progressed, it did get easier. If you're able to listen, let me know.

Look forward to a long blog coming up as soon as I get a chance, hoping by this weekend. Hoping that you are enjoying the holidays and that all is well! Love you all

December Happenings

December is such a crazy time!! So it's nice to take time to enjoy family and friends.
Fice guys w/ the Forester fam
And Matt

Pajama Parties at school

Decorating the kid's tree
Snow of course
in Denver

Steve's kid's party at his work