Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taylor's new hair-do!

Taylor has great hair. It's not too thick, not too thin. It's super easy to work with.... as long as it's clean. She has had some of the cutest haircuts.... from bobs to layers to just long and straight. She's been wanting to keep it long this past year. So to change things up a little without cutting the length, we went for bangs! Here she is

She said to me afterwards, I feel like a different person. A big change for never having bangs before. She loves it and I LOVE it!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's like starting all over again!

The other day something happened and Steve said to me, you need to post it on our blog. Every time I think about our blog it makes me cringe to think about how I've neglected what was once the very thing I looked forward to doing everyday or so. So after trying several times to get back into it, I am trying again and hoping to stick with it.
Starting with the latest here.......... this summer we will be leaving this

Align Center
And will be trading it in for.....................

From Colorado to Florida!! Although I am overly excited to be back on the beach, this will be a tough move for several reasons! We will be so sad to leave the most amazing friends, awesome cadets, further away from family, great schools and ward and of course the Air Force Academy. Steve is taking a classified job at Eglin Air Force Base.
We will be in the panhandle, next to Destin/Ft Walton beaches.
Another adventure in the Hendricks' Family!
Now........ I just need someone to buy our house!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Year Older

Our Mason is 4 today!! It seems just like yesterday I was in labor at the hospital w/ Steve and my two girlfriends Heather and Danell. It was the best labor~ we laughed and talked until it was time to push!! Once he was born, the laughter started again! We are so blessed to have our Mason! He brings so much sunshine to our family. Happy Birthday Mason! "I love you more than the ocean!"

January 2009 - with a look like that, it's no wonder he gets away with a lot!
February 2009 - he loves airplanes and his dad!

March 2009 - he is active and happy!
April 2009 - He is not a fan of underwear!
May 2009 - doesn't like to be left out, his first camping trip with the boys
June 2009 - anything to be funny
July 2009 - loves to play, especially in the sand

August 2009 - loves to smile for the camera
September 2009 - can pout like no other
October 2009 - loves Thomas the tank engine
November 2009 - loves the kittens on the farm
also November 2009 - loves to bang on the piano
December 2009 - loves food and anything Christmas
January 21, 2010 - loves life and loves turning 4!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Faint!

It's not that I have given up on our family blog! You know the saying, if you don't want to do something any excuse will do. Well, that really isn't the case here. I used to be really good at posting when Steve was deployed and the nights were mine! That's when I would curl up on the couch, turn on the TV and type away. Steve has been on me for months (6 to be exact) along with other family and friends, to get back to blogging. I wasn't sure I could even remember my login info and password. But it opened on my first try and my blog is still up, so I am putting aside the overwhelming thoughts of where to begin and I'm just going to post something
(still not too sure where to start??)

The family! Of course, where else would I start, my life does revolve around them.
Here is the most recent fam pic from last weekend, don't be shocked we are at a football game.
College football has begun (not sure it ever ends in this house). But nonetheless, games are in full swing and the males in this house couldn't be happier.
Although you wouldn't know it by Mason's pouting

First Day Of School
Preschool, 1st and 3rd

Mason 3 1/2

Taylor 7

Preston 9

It's a start!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

California Family Summer '09

Summer = Fun Family Time

Great Grandpa