Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's like starting all over again!

The other day something happened and Steve said to me, you need to post it on our blog. Every time I think about our blog it makes me cringe to think about how I've neglected what was once the very thing I looked forward to doing everyday or so. So after trying several times to get back into it, I am trying again and hoping to stick with it.
Starting with the latest here.......... this summer we will be leaving this

Align Center
And will be trading it in for.....................

From Colorado to Florida!! Although I am overly excited to be back on the beach, this will be a tough move for several reasons! We will be so sad to leave the most amazing friends, awesome cadets, further away from family, great schools and ward and of course the Air Force Academy. Steve is taking a classified job at Eglin Air Force Base.
We will be in the panhandle, next to Destin/Ft Walton beaches.
Another adventure in the Hendricks' Family!
Now........ I just need someone to buy our house!!


Gene and Susie said...

If I were single, and if I were younger, and if I had my own money, and if I could, I WOULD BUY YOUR HOME!!!! I will miss Colorado.

B Kerr Fam said...

Yeah!! Great pics, especially Mason and the Broncos beanie. We are excited for you guys, but will miss my annual Fall Colorado Football trip!! But I think I might be ok trading it for a Fall Florida Beach Trip!! Love you guys

Kerr Family said...

We have missed your blog too. It's easy to forget about. You guys are super busy. Love the pics!

Audrey Carlson said...

I was so shocked to click on your blog and see that you've changed it and posted....good for you!

I personally can't wait for you to get to FL because I want to come visit!