Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taylor's new hair-do!

Taylor has great hair. It's not too thick, not too thin. It's super easy to work with.... as long as it's clean. She has had some of the cutest haircuts.... from bobs to layers to just long and straight. She's been wanting to keep it long this past year. So to change things up a little without cutting the length, we went for bangs! Here she is

She said to me afterwards, I feel like a different person. A big change for never having bangs before. She loves it and I LOVE it!!


Gene and Susie said...

She looks so different and so grown up. I wouldn't have known it was her if you hadn't said so. I'm anxious to see you in a few days.

Kerr Family said...

Wow, I love her hair. Loved having her out here and got to see it in person too. I didn't know you posted some new posts. On the sidebar of our blog it says your last post was 11 months ago. I guess I'll just need to check your blog every now and then since the tracker isn't working right. Love you all!

kerrfam6 said...

I miss reading the Hendricks' Diary!